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Costanza Papasogli Tacca

Costanza Papasogli Tacca was born in Pisa in 1980. After high school she enrolled at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence in 1999, and studied with professor and painter Giulietti. She spent two years there and in 2001 left to begin her studies at The Florence Academy of Art. She completed the three-year diploma in Painting in 2004, and 4th year of specialization in 2005. In the same year she participated in the First Annual Alumni Exhibition at the Corsini family stables in Florence.
“My ideas come from nature, and the beauty of the countryside surrounding Pisa where I was born. I like to represent the gestures of everyday life, especially country life. My greatest satisfaction is to be able to paint the natural beauty made up of the lines, color, and nuances of what surrounds me. I was taught from a young age to appreciate beauty, harmony and refined taste; for this reason my love of detail and beauty becomes the subject my still lifes.

The reason I'm an artist is for the feeling that comes with creation. To have ideas in my head and to watch them manifesting themselves into something physical, something tangible, it is what really makes art worthwhile. My ideas come from nature and the beauty of the countryside surrounding Pisa in Tuscany where I was born. I like to represent the gestures of everyday life, especially country life. My greatest satisfaction is to be able to paint the natural beauty made up of lines, colors and nuances of what surrounds me. I was taught since my young age to appreciate beauty, harmony and refined taste; this is why my love for details and beauty becomes the subject of my still life's.
When I paint a portrait, I'm captured by the beauty, the sensuality and the femininity of my models: that's what I want to communicate to the viewer. It is amazing to be able, with a painting, to spread emotions. That's what is my art made of: feelings!”

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Our Painting Classes

Developing drawing skills

The first set of classes teaches how to make a realistic drawing with the sight-site method (Sight-Size is an arrangement of the artist, the easel, and the subject that allows the artist to see the subject and artwork visually one-to-one. As such it prioritizes direct, accurate comparison and the perception of the whole over piecemeal seeing). The goal is for the student to improve observational skills and learn to deconstruct complex visual information into large and small forms, shadows and light. In a classical atelier, you start by copying two dimensional references, the Bargue Drawings – as perfect as possible. This teaches you to see distances, lengths and angles as well as a bit of shading. First, you have a few general guidelines – the rest is built up through observation and correction. The student goes through several of these drawings with increasing difficulty. The drawing course is therefore an excellent preparation for cast drawing.

Drawing with shapes and values

In a second phase, you will approach three dimensional cast drawing. Casts are ideal for drawing training because they are white and completely still. This enables the student to concentrate on shapes and values. Everything learned in cast work translates directly into drawing a shape and a portrait from life. Cast drawing teaches the language of the classical tradition. Through cast drawing, students will absorb new technical skills and develop their own sense of beauty.

Copying Masters painting

Students will be introduced to the 19th-century French Academy method, which is used to describe the style of 'true to life'. Copying paintings is the surest way to improve one’s painting skills, whether one is an established artist or a beginner, and the human figure offers the greatest scope for dealing with gesture, proportion and subtle colour. For this, the 19th-century academy painters were the best. The class begins with gesture drawing of the painting with a dry brush technique. Next, using the limited palette of some earth colours and some cadmiums, colour is introduced to focus on the big form (called Big-Form Modelling). Painting continues with a 1st-painting i.e. an introduction to the planes of the human figure. Painting is finished with a 2nd-painting, followed by final glazes and toning.

Oil, Cast and Portrait Painting

Students use direct method, poster studies and values studies to learn to create believable 3 dimensional forms with grayscale oil paint. Students who have completed one cast painting move on to warm/cool studies of casts, and direct method full color studies of any subject. eventually approcing portrait painting. Still Life Painting: Starting with introductory exercises, students continue with a series of increasingly complex still lives to master the technique. Inspired by the 17th century Golden Age of Dutch still life paintings, students learn to depict a wide range of surfaces, including reflective and transparent objects, drapery, and natural forms.

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I love what I do,
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70 x 55

70 x 55



I usually work from life and along from photographs. i need at least 6 sessions with the client to capture the full story of a person, the life in the eyeshot is necessary to observe many different facets the person im painting. I am happy to travel to my sitters.


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